Hopelessly Romantic. Vintage Inspired. Haphazardly Sexy.

  In life you always remember the profound moments in life, the ones that define what makes you YOU! 

  Looking into the eyes of the person I was meant to be with for the rest of my life...

  Meeting the tiny beings that gave me heartburn and severe back pain for nine months...

  And picking up a camera...

  The day I held Lola in my hands ( yes my camera has a name) was the day I realized this is what I want to be doing the rest of my life.

Some days its difficult, but most days I can not believe I get to do what I  love and earn a living.  

      That camera and the images that come with it are my Passion!

  My passion for photography and making woman of all ages, all walks of life feel beautiful is the best blessing of all.  

           Capturing a fleeting moment in time.  

                    I strive to create an atmosphere were every woman is beautiful.


      Every woman is haphazardly sexy, a beauty in her own right, powerful and strong without being contrived or over done.

  This journey, Our journey is one of self acceptance, empowerment and love.

To love every step, hurdle, and triumph because capturing moments,  the beauty that is the human spirit.

         Life is short and there are never any guarantees - so don't wait JUST LIVE!!!

                                                        Marlene Botta